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Nobody brings people together like we do.

We're a multi award-winning corporate travel, meetings and events management company.

We're all about helping businesses to connect by understanding your culture, people and customers. We provide exceptional service, support and cost control through unrivalled knowledge and innovative award-winning online booking technology for business travel, meetings and events.


When you need to travel and meet for business, we've got the services to put traveller safety, duty of care and wellbeing at the heart of your travel program. With 24/7 support and risk management processes, we carve out great value, efficiencies and insights to help you plan, book, travel and meet in the safest and more sustainable way possible.
We're Agiito and we're not like every other travel management company.

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​From large scale corporate travel to lower volume programmes, we're the UK business travel agency of choice. When you're planning business travel, we're the top UK business travel agent for corporate travel management. When you’ve got somewhere to be, we'll get you there in the safest, most secure and sustainable way possible with our travel management solution.


We know how to connect people for business meetings. We're the unrivalled champion in anything from large scale conference planning to strategic meetings management with our multi award-winning meetings technology, Meetingspro, venue finding experts and ability to analyse and report on it all. All of this while taking care of delegate safety and sustainable meetings.


Our database of suppliers offers a huge range of rates and accommodation to support every traveller and business travel budget. Our partnerships with apartments, large hotel groups and independent accommodation providers make us stand out when it comes to sourcing corporate accommodation. 

From group travel bookings in the city to lone travellers out in the sticks; we’ll find safe and secure business accommodation.


​​​​We're an award-winning corporate event management company that puts delegate engagement, creativity and sustainability at the top of the agenda. Our team of creative event planners are experts in meeting your business objectives with unique event ideas to deliver memorable experiences within your budget. Whether it's in-person, virtual or hybrid, we're the team you want on speed dial.

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Experts in public sector business travel.

We've got a rich history of public sector travel management organisations means we understand the unique challenges public sector organisations face. The diverse mix of our customers and our proud place on two frameworks: Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM6217 (Lot 1 & Lot 4) and Kent Procurement Services (KCS) enables a single source solution which can save time and costs on the entire procurement process. 

​You are knowledgeable and a breath of fresh air to work with.

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Our transformational travel, meetings and events technology.

Our online booking systems, award-winning meetings management technology and event management software platforms are designed to find the best way to connect, while considering safety, wellbeing and the planet. We combine corporate travel booking systems and expert people in travel management to put the right tools at the fingertips of managers, delegates, travel bookers and travellers to offer exactly what they're looking for. So, if it's powerful travel booking technology you need, we're the travel management company for you.

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