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Celebrating, rewarding and motivating a successful sales team in Croatia.

Having worked with our client, Allurion Technologies, since 2022, we have delivered multiple sales meetings for them in Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. 

Following the success of their sales team in 2021, we were thrilled to manage this project that aimed to celebrate their achievements and energise the team further for the next quarter.

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Our client is passionate about bringing their people together as a team, and so human connection was the overarching objective that sat at the forefront of our planning. 

Underneath this main theme of being together, Allurion had three main goals to achieve from the event:

1.    Celebrating the team
2.    Rewarding achievements
3.    Motivating the team for next quarter

The brief asked that the event take place overseas in a warm destination, and with a 6-month lead time to deliver the project, our team started from scratch and got to work.

Allurion sales team


Utilising the extensive knowledge that our team has of overseas event destinations, we began putting together a shortlist of locations and venues.

Amongst that shortlist was Vilamoura in the Algarve and Dubrovnik, Croatia; both of which were explored in great detail to assess their suitability for the event prior to pitching to our client.

The chosen venue was the 5* Sun Gardens Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The resort has 201 rooms which meant our client had near exclusive use of the property and its 3 outdoor pools, spa, sports centre and conference facilities. 


As human connection was a key objective, we looked to maximise the time the team had to socialise and network together throughout the agenda. We organised 4 group dinners during the 5-night trip, one of which launched the next incentive trip, and built group excursions into the itinerary.

Successful group excursions were held on the final day of the conference, with the remainder of the group split into two teams to embark on either a Jeep Safari tour of the Croatian wilderness, or a City Walls walking tour throughout the historic streets of Dubrovnik.

To be able to best energise the sales team for the remainder of the year, we decided on a mixture of plenary sessions and breakout sessions for content delivery. This delivery meant delegates were not stuck in one conference room all day, and also had the chance to have discussions with teams and leaders in the breakouts. 


We would like to say thank you for your support on the Sales Team Meeting, onsite and over the last few months with the planning.


The support has been excellent and with Alex knowing the event inside out, it helped relieve myself and Angelique with the other events we had taking place during August and September.

Global Event Manager, Allurion


Croatia was settled on as a destination predominantly due to the consistency in weather that would allow delegates from the UK the chance to soak up some sun.

Weather unfortunately became a challenge as a storm rolled in on the night of a dinner that was planned on a pier overlooking the ocean. The production set had already been built but was looking unsteady in the wind, and there was a real risk of it plunging into the ocean. 

Our team are professionals at remaining calm under pressure and planning for all eventualities. Onsite, they quickly liaised with the hotel to move all the set into a room that was held for the group as a wet-weather back-up. Maintaining a great relationship with the venues we work with enables us all to work together as one team delivering a project.

The feedback from the delegates in attendance was overwhelmingly positive for all aspects of the 6-day event. 

Our client was happy to see that with Agiito delivering their events, attendance continues to grow in size with each event that we manage.

Number of delegates


Duration on site

6 days

Lead time

6 months

What made it stand out.

Resort style venue.

Utilising a resort style venue was perfect in achieving the clients’ objectives of human connection, as it meant that even in free-time, delegates could be together within the resort facilities.

Unique creative touches.

Unique creative touches throughout the event made it a memorable experience for the sales team, and one that would motivate them further. 

LED wristbands.

We organised LED wristbands that lit-up in-sync with the beat of music at the celebratory awards dinner. Each attendee received one, making a simple but effective impact for the party.

The LED wristbands were also used to split attendees into different breakout groups dependent on the colour that flashes. 

Allurion sales team
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