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We worked with our international partner GlobalStar to deliver in-country travel and meeting solutions in China, Hong Kong, India and Bangladesh. By providing one supplier with a centralised portal, we united every country with its own account manager without losing the local market insight.

Our global airline and hotel programme guaranteed that Sainsbury’s received the best value and most competitive fares in the market. To improve employee wellbeing, we negotiated a range of value-added benefits to make travel less stressful.

Our Agiito Connect portal gave travellers policy and education information, handy hints and tips and direct access to our innovative technology, allowing them to learn, plan and book their travel, while displaying bespoke MI for better data insight.

We tailored a ‘billback’ process and a proprietary invoice and commission collection system’ to make it quick and easy with additional reclaim opportunities.

So employees in the APAC region could enjoy the same hotel billback benefits as UK colleagues, GlobalStar created an Airplus card.

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Sainsbury’s wanted to partner with a TMC with multi-regional capabilities, innovative solutions and financial stability, whilst building on the impressive £1.6 million cost savings, value-added initiatives and increased online adoption and compliance, as seen delivered to their Argos brand.

With different travel management companies being utilised in regional locations, we were tasked to join up the dots as a single supplier without losing local knowledge, improve their billback solution and set-up a commission collection process that matched what their Argos colleagues were receiving.


A year on and we have achieved excellent results to create better outcomes through bespoke MI and data analysis:

  • Saving £45,000 / 625 days per annum by processing over 47,000 transactions (98% of all UK travel and accommodation bookings) as billback instead of claim processing.

  • Online booking tool portal for APAC colleagues has enabled them to book their hotels and air online for both domestic and regional travel.

  • 85% online adoption - promoting the right behaviours and saving further costs. 

  • APAC region benefited from hotel billback and a tailored TAF booking approval and governance process 

  • £35,000 of value-added savings via our Traveller and Accommodation First programmes. 

  • Rebated £280,000 in UK hotel commissions to the customer, whilst also improving the overall hotel quality. 

  • Hotel RFP programme was delivered at an overall 0.04% increase, beating the UK and Global market forecast by between 2%-5%.

  • £496,000 saved across all baseline UK and Global products

  • Completed account management (local in-country specialists and global account management focused on the overarching objectives). 

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Better outcomes through bespoke MI and data analysis.

​Sainsbury’s wanted to consolidate their wider travel volume and spend, and receive bespoke Management Information (MI) and data analysis in an effort to deliver better outcomes. 


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Bookings processed as billback 


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