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The company invited eight suppliers to market and as they worked through the tendering process it became apparent that the larger global travel management companies weren’t the right fit for them. 


Not wanting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and with their business spread across Europe, they awarded it to GlobalStar. The choice and flexibility GlobalStar provide, combined with the delivery of uncompromising, best-in country travel management solutions developed for each market, meant that we could tailor to our customer’s requirements.  

Their offering also allowed them to access localised partnerships and specialist expertise, as well as driving process improvements and providing a user-friendly service that yields high usage among their employees. 


Our customer has 11 management units within Europe with the challenge of each having different travel policies, payment mechanisms and individual boards. 


Prior to working with GlobalStar, a worldwide travel management company network in over 85 countries, the customer was linked to multiple agencies and in-house sourcing. This resulted in numerous challenges, including lack of and incomplete management information data, substandard duty of care, booking process inefficiencies and inconsistencies, as well as experiencing a huge amount of cost leakages and limitations to being able to leverage through volume.  


We needed to demonstrate the capabilities we could offer to deliver a successful solution to cater for the consolidation of their management units, these included: 


  • Delivering an online booking tool solution to cater for each of their management units.  

  • Consolidating and delivering consistent programme management to align all 11 management units. 


We successfully launched our customer’s objectives of delivering an online booking solution and effective programme management for their largest operating region, the UK. Germany has also been implemented and our bespoke implementation plan was rolled out to the other countries within the first 6 months.  

In the first few weeks of trading, the average online adoption achieved more than 80% across air, hotel and rail leading to significant savings. 

The company is now able to engage in collaborative discussions with GlobalStar partners to understand their buying and travel behaviours to unlock further saving opportunities. 

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Delivering a consolidated travel management service across a European footprint.

A savoury snacks company required our specialist expertise to consolidate and deliver a consistent process to all their operating companies across Europe. 

A privately-owned German snack food company, headquartered in Dusseldorf, with over 8,000 employees, required specialist expertise to consolidate and deliver an improved, consistent travel programme across their European footprint. 

Agiito have partnered with GlobalStar to provide: 

In-country travel and meeting solutions 

A single global contract

Booking services

UK market expertise 

Multi-region consolidated data

Global account management expertise

Local emergency support 

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