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Tree nursery in Haiti

Helping Practice Plus Group support the NHS in its ambition to become the world’s first Net Zero health service.

Passionate about operating its services in an environmentally responsible way, Practice Plus Group are committed to supporting the NHS in its ambition to become the world’s first Net Zero health service.


They recognise the important role they play in reducing the supply chain emissions associated with the NHS. In addition to their own company-wide initiatives to reduce their operational carbon footprint, we're helping by finding ways to reduce the emissions generated from the travel involved in their essential business activities.

CO2e compensated


Tree planted


First legacy forest planted in Haiti

Employee compensate scheme launched


We support our customers in reducing their carbon footprint, we helped them to align their travel policies and procedures with their company CSR goals. 

Within three months we launched the Agiito Travel Carbon compensate proposition as a way for both the company and individual employees to be incentivised to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our carbon compensate proposition is a comprehensive, affordable, and tangible way to compensate essential emissions by planting trees through our sustainability technology provider Trees4Travel. It’s one of the most powerful of all climate change solutions. 


Each tree planted compensates 164.1Kg CO₂e within the first 10 years, which then continues to capture carbon for 140+ years, and comes with a share of investment into renewable energy projects, creating a climate-positive carbon compensate option.  

By working with Trees4Travel, who only plant indigenous trees with the highest environmental impact, it supports the UN’s trillion tree campaign and the welfare of local planting communities. 

The scheme is complete in five simple steps:


  1. Book:
    We book the travel and share the data with Trees4Travel every month.

  2. Calculate:
    ​Trips are calculated using international standards: IPCC, DEFRA and GHG protocols.

  3. Plant:
    ​Tree locations are shared and supported with HD photos, video footage and satellite imaging.

  4. Report:
    ​A dashboard provides transparent carbon auditing technology, enabling customers to track their CO₂e emissions versus absorption through monthly reporting.

  5. Certification:
    ​We provide high-quality carbon credits built upon international standards and based on a portfolio of carbon projects to meet stringent criteria related to climate integrity, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. Each tree planted through Trees4Travel is backed up by a United Nations CER, through the investment into renewable energy. All projects support the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Not content with just compensating their current and future travel, we worked with Practice Plus Group to compensate their historic emissions too! Between 2018 – 2020, we could see the biggest proportion of their carbon emissions was created from their car mileage (Scope 1 emissions).  

Considering the significant CO₂e volumes to be compensated, we recommended our ‘Legacy Forest’ reforestation project located in Haiti. This location was ideal for the maximum environmental and social impact, providing food security in poverty-stricken communities.


Achieving Net Zero is an important target for all of us here at Practice Plus Group. We’ve worked hard to reduce the need for business travel, but given the scope, scale and spread of our services, some travel will always be necessary.

We were excited to hear about Trees4Travel and their new partnership with Agiito. We were able to choose a project with the maximum environmental and social impact, and to underline our commitment we decided to compensate our current travel as well as a very significant amount of historic travel. This allowed us to create an immediate impact, and I am pleased to share that together we have already planted over 17,000 saplings in Haiti.  


By opening the scheme up to our employees we’ve given them the opportunity to compensate their own personal travel by adding to our Practice Plus Group forest. Taking action like this is important and urgent. We didn’t want to wait for another two or three years before taking active steps to play our part in the drive to net zero. 

I’m looking forward to seeing our legacy forest continue to expand both outwards and of course upwards.

Practice Plus Group. 

Employee Carbon Footprint.

We love Practice Plus Group’s enthusiasm around sustainability. Wanting to take a ‘need’ and turn this into a great opportunity, we created an ‘Employee Personal carbon compensate Scheme’. Launched alongside the company scheme in September 2021 through a company branded URL, employees can sign up individually to compensate and reduce their own carbon footprint at a discounted cost offered to their 7,000 employees.  


The UK’s average individual carbon footprint is 13 tonnes, the Global average is 7 tonnes and to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the UK’s individual carbon footprint target is 5 tonnes – these targets are monitored by using local council information, the Office for National Statistics data and using WWF methodology. 


In the first nine months:

  • 17,016 trees have been planted

  • First legacy forest planted in Haiti 

  • 2,792t CO₂e compensated

  • Employee compensate scheme launched. 


Moving forward, Practice Plus Group are well underway to reaching their target of being Net Zero by 2030, as Barry Nee, Chief Information Officer at Practice Plus Group explains.

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