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With savings and an increase in hotels on their programme being key pillars to the success of our partnership, we conducted a full market RFP. By utilising our market knowledge of rates, supplier relationships, scale, and our expertise in rate negotiation, we delivered £262,000 in negotiated hotel programme cost savings and a 15% increase to the number of allocations. 


Cost avoidance didn’t come at the expense of improvements to booker and traveller experience, instead it came as a result of our technology, which is designed to improve the total trip experience. The implementation of Agiito Connect meant that our customer’s travellers could view their itinerary in a single, easy to read application.  


Through analysis of data insights, we also saw an opportunity to address the out of policy spend. Using a combination of our market leading technology which includes an educational hub, personalised messaging, and updated system configuration to influence booker behaviour, we delivered £140k of savings through rate cap compliance - reducing overall spend by 49%. 


We further addressed the out of policy spend by exceeding online adoption targets, increasing programme compliance to 95% and online bookings to 90%. 


In addition, traveller safety was a cornerstone when considering employee duty of care, but through the application of our traveller tracking technology, they were able to accurately monitor and report on their traveller whereabouts to help keep them safe while on the move. 


Our strong supplier relationships and exceptional industry knowledge in the accommodation market, allowed us to work with our suppliers to offer additional value to travellers. This was a key area of cost avoidance for them, with £140k value-add savings from benefits such as F&B discounts, rail Wi-Fi and lounge access.  


These technology deployments contributed to an increased overall survey satisfaction rating, which stands at 98%. 


Having engaged with key stakeholders, we set out to deliver on our customer’s core objectives by delivering on cost avoidance, programme compliance, service excellence and increased customer satisfaction.


Through our understanding of our customer and their determination to create better outcomes for bookers and travellers, we were keen to improve the end user experience for them. By delivering technology solutions alongside a strong offline account management programme, our aim was to put booker and traveller wellbeing and welfare at the heart of everything. 


This is an award-winning relationship, which has been recognised with ‘Travel Team of the Year’ on two occasions and by two different industry award bodies (Business Travel Awards and ITM Awards). 

In addition to our delivery on key objectives across the board, the environmental impact of our customer’s travels, and meetings spend has seen positive reductions, with CO² emissions down 680,000 tonnes (and counting).  

Having delivered over £3.5m in savings over a three-year period through a variety of mechanisms, our future with the leading UK insurance provider looks bright.


  • 10,000 hotel and venue cancellation waivers

  • 50,000 online rail exchange savings

  • 30,000 automatic refund of uncollected rail tickets

  • Hotel compliance up 28.5% to 90%

Black and image of male traveller with suitcase

Delivering savings and service excellence for nearly a decade.

After a nearly a decade partnership with our customer, a leading UK insurance provider, our relationship continues to go from strength to strength as we consistently deliver key results on their core objectives.

After working alongside our customer since 2013, we were delighted to see the extension of our relationship following a successful period of savings, cost avoidance, increased overall satisfaction ratings and delivery on several core objectives.

Negotiated hotel programme savings


Increase in hotel allocations


£ saved through value-added benefits


Increase in online bookings


£ saved through behavioural change


CO2 emission reductions

680,000 tonnes (so far!)

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