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Global travel management

Managed business travel on a global scale.

As part of our international alliance with GlobalStar, our customers don’t need to compromise between finding a global travel management company and choosing an expert in national or regional travel for business, because together we cover all the bases.

Global travel management


Scale and buying power of the > $14 billion network.


Technologies and standard processes that deliver true cohesion.


Excellent breadth and depth of coverage across multiple regions specific to our customers' common requirements.

We’re able to tailor our approach to provide specialist support for UK domestic travel, while seamlessly lending the significant knowledge and resources of the international network of TMCs under GlobalStar. So, no matter where in the world you’re travelling, you can plan, book and connect safely, securely and sustainably.

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Global travel management

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The benefits.

A global network, backed by local knowledge.

Global travel management

​Global travel is safer, more secure and holds greater value when it’s backed by specialist local knowledge that covers the intricacies and nuances of in-country travel. With GlobalStar, we provide international travel services to customers that require managed travel across multiple regions - all wrapped up into a single service level agreement for performance and quality monitoring. But there’s more…

Single framework contract with single point of ownership and multi-regional account director overseeing delivery.

Greater visibility of consolidation travel spend.

A simple way for multi-regional customers to manage travel across locations and territories.

Leverage consolidated travel volumes to negotiate strong supplier terms, and manage that spend effectively through policy evolution and application.

Effective risk management for greater traveller safety and security.

A consistent offering across travel booking processes, including: MI, supplier price access and traveller experience.

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