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How to's.

If you're not quite sure on something, for example; how to use e-tickets, or submit a delayed travel claim, then look no further we've got your back. Use the links below to navigate your way to help.

Collect rail tickets

There are a few ways to collect your rail tickets. The most environmentally friendly is an eTicket.


An eTicket is an electronic version of your ticket, often in the form of a QR code and available from your rail booking, or via our mobile app. Once downloaded to your smart phone, simply scan at the turnstiles or when asked by rail operating staff.

Collect at station

Or otherwise known as Ticket on Departure (TOD). 


If you have chosen a TOD as your collection preference, you will have a ticket collection reference on your booking. When arriving at your departure train station, go to one of the self-serve kiosks and follow the on-screen instructions.


When asked to enter your booking reference, enter what is on your booking. If you have requested a return journey, remember to print both journeys.

Print at home or self-print

If you have opted for a print at home ticket, this will be similar to an e-ticket and use either a QR or barcode for scanning. The details will be contained on your booking confirmation. Print your tickets on plain white paper and remember to take them with you.

How to get a refund for an unused/uncollected rail ticket

If you no longer need to travel and are yet to collect your ticket from a ticket printer or machine, or if the ticket you hold is an e-ticket, please contact your Agiito travel team who will be able to submit your ticket for a refund.​

If you've already collected your tickets from a ticket printer or machine and wish to apply for a refund, please send your tickets back via secure post with a copy of your booking details included, to the below address and we’ll get it sorted.


Please note that not all rail tickets are refundable (Advance Singles). Anytime and Off-Peak tickets are refundable minus the cancellation charge.

Rail Admin Team
Meridian Court
Stanier way
Wyvern Business Park
DE21 6BF


Once the team have received your tickets, they will process them for refund (minus administration charges).

Rail ticket exchange information

The below information will provide details of what you need to know when exchanging your rail ticket. To see how to exchange your Advance Purchase rail tickets online, please visit the learn section of your Connect portal, followed by help and support where a short video tutorial is provided on how to exchange your rail tickets.

Please note that a valid rail exchange can only be made if the following conditions have been met:

  • The routes must be like for like with no variation.

  • The same train operating company has been used.

  • The same traveller name is on the tickets.

  • The tickets to be exchanged must be re-booked after the original booking was made but before the original date and time of travel.

  • Tickets can only be exchanged if they were booked through Agiito.

Other key information

  • All tickets are subject to an industry £10 administration fee per ticket, in addition to an Agiito administration charge.

  • Tickets exchanged should be of equal cost or more than the original tickets. No refund will be provided for the difference between the two ticket costs if the exchanged tickets are less than the original booking.

  • Only ‘Advance’ tickets can be exchanged for a new date or time. The new booking must be rebooked before the date and time of travel noted on the original booking.

  • If you have already printed or collected your original ticket(s) from your onsite office or train station ticket printer then we will need the original tickets to be sent back to Agiito via a secure postal method, to the address below. Please note where tickets are sent by first class post and subsequently lost in transit or not delivered, we cannot process the exchange and you will be charged for both bookings. 


FAO Rail Team, Agiito, Meridian Court, 18 Stanier Way, Wyvern Business Park, Derby, DE21 6BF

(*Please don't staple your tickets - use a paperclip or leave loose in the envelope)

Download the mobile app

Our mobile app, Connect is loaded with great features to help you with your travel and meeting plans. 


Key features:

  • Get an overview of your entire journey on the go.

  • View hotel information, address and booking reference.

  • View flight information, airport and terminal details, booking reference and check-in links.

  • View rail information, arrival and departure points, ticket types and booking reference.

  • Automatically sync your bookings, creating one intuitive trip itinerary.

  • Get travel communications and updates on travel disruptions.

  • Get real-time rail and flight updates for platform and gate changes.

  • Get in touch with a consultant from your travel team with the touch of a button.

To download, go to your relevant App Store and search for Agiito. Download the app to your smartphone and follow the in-app instructions on how to get started.

Register for email travel alerts and notifications

Our travel notifications are an email based notification service, providing you with a range of notifications direct to your inbox about any incidents that may disrupt your journey, meeting or stay.

You can tailor what types of notifications you require, including:​

  • Travel incident: High impact incidents where travel disruption is current or imminent as a result of a severe event. E.g. Acts of terrorism, major accidents.

  • Travel notification: Where travel disruption is likely as a result of a particular event or incident. E.g. Unplanned strikes, rail disruptions, flight delays/cancellations.

  • Travel advisory: Where travel disruption is likely but avoidable through forward planning. Along with important general information you ‘need to know’ relating to travel. E.g. Sporting events, visa requirements, security changes. 


To sign-up, use the link below and stay ahead of the game.

Book for a guest traveller

From time to time, you may need to book travel for a guest. Here's how to do this through our Vibe platform:


  1. Log in to your Connect portal. 

  2. Open the 'travel booking' pages.

  3. Select Guest Traveller or start typing guest in the passenger box.

  4. Guest travellers do not have a profile loaded so all details will need to be entered manually.

  5. Once you have completed all the fields and taken to a payment/confirmation page, you will be able to add the guest travellers details.

  6. Enter the traveller email address and tick the box to receive a copy of the confirmation.

Complete an 'unfinished trip'

If you've received an email saying you have an 'unfinished trip' in your portal, it means you've left the booking process without completing everything. This will mean your trip is not confirmed until you complete the booking process.


During this time you may have been sent an email confirmation of the trip, however until you receive your full itinerary your booking is not confirmed.


To finish the booking process, log back in to your booking process and follow any on-screen notifications relating to this trip, to either confirm it, or cancel it if you no longer require the trip.

Make visa and passport arrangements

We work with CIBT, the leading visa and password service provider to support and assist travellers when obtaining the international travel documents they need.

Key benefits:

  • Security and compliance

  • Controls and visibility – cost and service

  • Speed and efficiency

  • ​Improved traveller experience

  • Self-service online booking functionality

  • Consolidated supplier and centralised payment

  • Reporting through MI (available on request)

  • No cash handling

  • Reduced expense claims

  • Dedicated support team with specialist visa knowledge and experience through CIBT

  • Access to weekly updates for the most recent information on travel requirements and consular closings

  • Customer-specific billing/reference fields for data capture for ease of internal payment/cross charging


Key support features:

  • Access to your bespoke application tool

  • Quick visa check for British Citizens

  • Ability to nominate a regular delivery address for your account to expedite this as part of all of your online order forms

  • Reference field for data capture/custom fields/cost centre validation available to support billback

  • Ancillary services – document preparation and digital photo upload

  • Concierge service

  • Electronic visas for Australia (ETAs), US (ESTAs) and Canada (ETAs)

  • Official document authentication process

  • Arabic translations and authentications

  • Russian business invitations and tourist vouchers

  • Saudi Arabian ministry of foreign affairs invitations

  • Biometric visa requirement services

  • Priority 6 service providing out-of-hours support

  • Dedicated contact number and email address, reachable 12 hours a day

  • Wide range of comprehensive delivery options including late night courier, airport meet and greet, same-day processing

  • Real-time order tracking keeping you up to date on the status of your visa

  • Concierge service for VIPs allowing a specialist to manage the visa process from start to finish on a one to one basis

  • Pre-check, form fill and concierge service available.


If you are interested in this service, please speak with your Account Manager.

Split ticketing in four simple steps

Split ticketing is a technique that can reduce the cost of a rail ticket by dividing the route into shorter sections on which cheaper tickets are available vs. the standard full journey price. It is a valid and legal way to save money on the total cost of the rail ticket. The train you are on must call at the station where you change from one ticket to another (meaning you won’t have to get off the train).

Check out the split ticketing routes and information below, if your route is included then split ticketing might be an option for you to save on the cost of your rail ticket.

  1. Is your route one of the five key company routes included below?

  2. Proceed to book the first ticket from your origin station to the split ticket point indicated in the routes section below.  The ticket type that should be selected is standard anytime day return or standard anytime return.  Proceed to confirm your booking, making a note of the arrival time your train arrives at the split ticketing point specified. 

  3. Proceed to book the second ticket from the split ticket point to your destination, ensuring you select a standard anytime day return ticket and the timed trains from which you will be arriving on from your origin station. At this point you are not expected to exit and re-enter the train. If you need to check the times of the train, click on the ? Icon next to the timed train which will show station stops.

  4. Both tickets will be booked and you have successfully booked your split tickets, well done! If your seat numbers are not aligned then please contact your offline team who will make a seat reservation on your behalf on the services you have booked.

Key Routes

Route one- Bristol Temple Meads to London Paddington

Planning to travel on any of the following services?

Depart Bristol Temple Meads – Up to and including the 8am departure (not including the 0515 and 0633 departures)

Depart London Paddington – Trains departing between 1645 and 1835

Split your ticket at: Didcot Parkway

Total cost without splitting your ticket:- Bristol Temple Meads to London Paddington Standard Anytime Return = £218.00

Split ticket cost one – Bristol Temple Meads to Didcot Parkway – Standard Anytime Day Return  = £62.20

Split ticket cost two – Didcot Parkway to London Paddington – Standard Anytime Day Return = £66.60

You save: £89.20 on the cost of your ticket.

Route Two- Birmingham New Street to Manchester Piccadilly (in both directions)

Planning to travel on any of the following services?

Depart Birmingham New Street/Manchester Piccadilly – Before 09.30am

Depart Manchester Piccadilly/Birmingham New Street - At anytime

Split your ticket at: Stafford

Total cost without splitting your ticket: - Birmingham New Street to Manchester Piccadilly – Standard Anytime Return = £87.80

Split ticket cost one – Birmingham New Street to Stafford – Standard Anytime Day Return  = £13.40

Split ticket cost two – Stafford to Manchester Piccadilly -  Standard Anytime Day Return = £25.70

You save: £48.70 on the cost of your ticket.

Route Three - Birmingham New Street to Sheffield (in both directions)

Planning to travel on any of the following services?

Depart Birmingham New Street/Sheffield – Before 09.30am

Depart Sheffield/Birmingham New Street - At anytime

Split your ticket at: Derby

Total cost without splitting your ticket: - Birmingham New Street to Sheffield – Standard Anytime Return = £92.70

Split ticket cost one – Birmingham New Street to Derby– Standard Anytime Day Return = £22.10

Split ticket cost two – Derby to Sheffield - Standard Anytime Day Return = £19.40

You save: £51.20 on the cost of your ticket.

Route Four - Cardiff Central to London Paddington

Planning to travel on any of the following services?

Depart Cardiff Central – Trains departing Cardiff before 8am 

Depart London Paddington - Trains departing between 16:45 and 18:35 (including the 16:45) 

Split your ticket at: Swindon

Total cost without splitting your ticket: - Cardiff Central to London Paddington – Standard Anytime Return = £242.00

Split ticket cost one – Cardiff Central to Swindon – Standard Anytime Return  = £36.00

Split ticket cost two – Swindon to London Paddington - Standard Anytime Return = £138.00

You save: £68.00 on the cost of your ticket.

Route Five - Leeds to London Kings Cross

Planning to travel on any of the following services?

Depart Leeds – Before 08:00am (not including the 0700 departure)

Depart London Kings Cross – Between 1600 and 1735

Split your ticket at: Doncaster

Total cost without splitting your ticket: - Leeds to London Kings Cross – Standard Anytime Return = £265.00

Split ticket cost one – Leeds to Doncaster – Standard Anytime Day Return = £16.70

Split ticket cost two – Doncaster to London Kings Cross - Standard Anytime Day Return = £198.00

You save: £50.30 on the cost of your ticket.



  • Split ticketing does not offer a saving on advance tickets. Advance tickets provide the best opportunity to save money whilst off peak tickets also provide a smaller opportunity.

  • Capita travel and events always recommend purchasing more restricted advance tickets as opposed to split ticketing, savings on most key routes by taking dual advance tickets will far outweigh split ticketing.

  • Ticket refunds – If you need to refund your tickets two refund fees will apply.

  • The train must stop at the station where the split occurs.

  • Seat reservations will be made in different seats for different parts of the journey, although our offline team are able to make a new seat reservation for you.


*All prices and information shown are correct as of February 2019.

Savings based on Day tickets, higher costs may apply if Day tickets cannot be utilised.

Book car hire

Log onto Connect

Access the online booking tool and click ‘Arrange travel’ then ‘Need to travel’ to access the booking portal. 


Enter search criteria

  • The system will automatically provide pick-up options as soon as you start to input your location.

  • Simply select a branch or choose to have the car delivered to your door. 

  • After selecting the branch for pick-up, the drop off location will pre-populate with the same branch, although you can and mix match by simply overtyping the location or choose have it collected from your home or office. 

Search results

  • A selection of cars based on availability and policy will be displayed for you to choose from.

  • Useful additional information for each car is clearly displayed.


Selecting your rate and extras

  • After reviewing the rates, select the option that best suits your travel needs.

  • If available, Additional rental extras are displayed which can be added to your selected car


Adding to your trip

  • You can add other travel commodities to complete your trip. These include a flight, hotel, or rail journey. You can also book one of these first and be able to search for car hire on this page.


Confirm your trip

  • You’re almost done. Simply review your booking and add your Emerald Club membership if you have one.

  • Click on ‘Pay now’ to confirm your trip.

  • A confirmation will be received with details of your trip.

  • Your booking reference will need to be quoted when you go to pick-up the car or when it is delivered. Happy travels!

Looking for some sneaky tips on how to get the best out of travel? From airport lounge access to hints on cheaper rail journeys, you'll find all that in here. 

Hints and tips.

Designed for the newbies to our service. Everything you need to get up and running with your tech and more, can be found in here. 

Getting started.

Claiming for delayed rail journeys (rail delay/repay)

What is delay/repay? 

Delay/Repay is a nationwide scheme which all train operating companies (TOCs) participate in whereby travellers can claim compensation for delayed and cancelled rail journeys.

The delay is calculated against either the normal timetable, or an amended timetable that is published in advance (for example during planned engineering works at weekends) and it doesn’t matter what caused the delay, travellers are able to claim all or part of their journey costs.


The level of compensation a traveller is entitled to depend on:

•    The train operating company, and  

•    The length of the delay in arriving at your destination 


Different train companies have different schemes in place. For example, some operators allow you to claim compensation if you’re delayed by as little as 15 minutes but for others, compensation will only be paid if you arrive at your destination more than 30 minutes late.


Can Agiito make the claim on my behalf? 

Unfortunately not. Agiito cannot make a claim on your behalf as many rail operators do not accept claims from anybody other than the traveller themselves. You should discuss with your travel manager how compensation is to be paid back into your business. 


How to make a claim                                          

You will be required to make the compensation claim directly with the train operating company that you travelled with. It is important that if you are making a claim, you keep a copy of your ticket to share as evidence. If travelling on a paper ticket as opposed to an e-ticket, a photo of the paper ticket will suffice.

Below is a handy table with a link to delay/repay section of each train company’s website with further information on how to make a claim. The below information is accurate as of March 2022.

Operator name

When can I claim?

Website link

Avanti West Coast

Delayed over 15 min


Delayed over 15 mins


Delayed over 15 min


Delayed over 15 min


Delayed over 15 mins

South Western Railway

Delayed over 15 min

Chiltern Railways

Delayed over 30 mins

Grand Central

Delayed over 60 min

Hull Trains

Delayed over 30 mins

South Eastern

Delayed over 15 mins

Caledonian Sleeper

Delayed over 30 mins

East Midlands Railway

Delayed over 15 min

London Overground/TfL Rail

Delayed over 3 min

Gatwick Express

Delayed over 15 min


Delayed over 30 min


Delayed over 30 min

Transpennine Express