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The essential travel toolkit for growing businesses.

Navigator is a fee free package of travel products that’s perfect for low and medium travel volume businesses (sometimes dubbed SMEs. So we can help look after employee duty of care and wellbeing, while growing businesses invest resources and travel savings back into their core products and services.

Talk to the team.  We could have you set you up in days.

Travel wish list

We factor them into your booking process to give you control over the rates you book.

You'd really like control over hotel rate caps.

Our UK-based teams are there to support your people, wherever they are.

You want your travellers to be safe and supported.

So how does zero fees sound?

Hiring a TMC sounds pricey.

​Our buying power helps us negotiate preferred rates and added value, no matter your travel volume.

​You want access to discounted rates on hotels, trains and flights.

We get it.

Green venues and destinations

We highlight green hotels and venues in our booking technology when you’re planning a trip.

You definitely want to make your travel more sustainable.

Navigator is your essential, out of the box travel toolkit, neatly packaged to meet all your basic travel needs. No frills, just buy, book and manage travel in the most cost-effective way. Now you can invest in what makes your business the best.

What's not to love?


Especially when you can benefit from these features and benefits:

  1. ​Zero transaction fees

  2. Negotiated air, rail and accommodation rates

  3. Added value like free Wi-Fi, complementary upgrades

  4. Slick booking technology that does exactly what it should

  5. Complementary credit facilities

  6. Monthly MI reports

  7. Friendly and reliable UK-based support

  8. Wellbeing and duty of care for your employees

  9. Enhanced compliance with company policies

  10. Control over your hotel rate caps

Our ecosystem of suppliers includes all the major global travel companies you know and love. But we’re also rooting for the independent hotels and venues out there to give our customers extra choice and availability. This mix of big brands and independent properties means, that whether you're travelling to a major city during a big event or a village in the Outer Hebrides, you'll have a place to stay and connect. Plus, wherever you choose, we'll help get you the best rates and added value for the best possible experience.

Where you stay and meet.

Our online booking tech is called Agiito Connect. It’s designed to help people find the best way to come together by considering safety, wellbeing and the planet.  It provides a personal experience to support your employees with their travel and meeting plans through integrated booking, reporting and communication channels. 

It’s the essential online booking technology to keep your employees safe before and during a trip – all free from fees.

Online booking technology.

Travelling for business can often be a stressful pastime, but it doesn’t have to be.

More often than not, you’ll be travelling to a meeting, either by train, plane or automobile and there may be a hotel awaiting your arrival at the other end. With routes, times, suppliers, hotel options and price comparisons, not to mention the small matter of who’s going to pay for this and how… it's little wonder then, that travelling on business can lead to what we call, ‘traveller friction’.

Ryan Gray

Meet our people

Director of Business Development

Ryan Gray - Director of Business Development

​Don't be shy, talk to the team to discuss how Navigator can work for you.

​Let's talk about Navigator.
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