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Agiito helps customers offset 3,500t of CO2 in six months

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As part of our commitment to responsible business travel, we have collectively offset 3,500 tons of CO2 for customers across the energy, care and housing sectors in the last six months.

Working with Trees4Travel, we’ve enabled one customer to offset three years’ worth of historical trips so they can achieve their first ‘Corporate Legacy Forest’ comprising 10,000 trees. Another customer has offset their historical global trip emissions to support the Envira Amazonia Forest Conservation Project in Brazil.

Affordable CO2 offsetting.

In March, we joined forces with sustainability warrior and tech company, Trees4Travel, to offer customers an innovative, simple, tangible and affordable CO2 offset opportunity.

Our customers have the option to plant trees as they travel, with the carbon footprint of their trips and the number of trees required to offset the travel automatically added to their dashboards. Trees4Travel arrange plantation of indigenous saplings on sanctioned reforestation, projects. The trees remove the CO2 from the atmosphere, returning clean air to repair the planet.

Since launching, dozens of customers ranging from banking, retail and pharmaceutical to charities, local government and education, are currently looking at different offsetting solutions.

Through our Partnership with Trees4Travel we have supported customers to offset significant amounts of CO2 from their historical and future trip emissions. Our solution not only supports customers to reduce their carbon footprint, but allows them to understand their carbon impact so they can make smarter and more sustainable choices. Through our simple reporting tool, customers can track and report on their emissions and set targets to help them align their travel policy and procedures with their company CSR targets. This initiative is proving hugely popular so far and we expect this appetite to grow as targets are set for the coming year.

Kirsty Given, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Agiito.

After finding ‘sustainability’ to be our customers’ top priority in our recent ‘return to travel and meetings’ survey, our Account Management team set up dedicated sessions. Over 50 customers have attended these to discuss how we can support sustainability initiatives.

We have many exciting sustainability initiatives in the pipeline for our people too, with the ability to offset CO2 emissions generated by their own personal travel.

Click here to take a look at how our carbon offset solution could work for you.

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