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From chaos to coordination: How TMCs mitigate business travel disruption.

person sleeping in an airport, representing travel disruption

In the fast-paced world of business travel, flight cancellations can often be part of the deal. But when something major hits travel, mass disruption and hotel availability challenges push the limits of what you can prepared for. From unpredictable weather to unexpected global events like pandemics and volcanic eruptions, these challenges can put the brakes on your travel plans. That's where Travel Management Companies (TMCs) step in, providing a safety net for organisations and business travellers.

It’s the topic that you hope never comes up, but that we’re meticulously prepare for. Let’s look at the vital service of disruption management, and the value of having a TMC by your side.

Duty of care: The top priority.

Let’s start with why we do it. In a world where safety is a top priority among organisations, duty of care needs no introduction and it's certainly no buzzword. In the context of travel management, it's your company's commitment to taking care of your people while they’re on the move, and TMCs take this responsibility seriously. We keep a watchful eye on traveller disruption. If anything goes wrong, we’ve got your back with the perfect combination of people, technology, and processes.

Proactive preparation.

At Agiito, our commitment to effective disruption management starts long before you board your flight. Alternative flights or unplanned hotel bookings don’t just happen by accident. They’re the result of a TMCs well-rehearsed plan of action. It's why we understand that mitigating risks associated with business travel is so crucial.

We do it in a variety of effective ways:

  1. Understanding your risk profile: We begin by recognising your organisation's risk profile and duty of care expectations. This allows us to tailor a travel policy that aligns with your business needs. Data plays a huge part here, and as data wizards, we meticulously combine travel insights, preferences, and company policies so that, when disruption strikes, we can make the best decisions for your situation.

  2. Supplier network: Good TMCs have a vast global network of partners and local contacts, making them invaluable in times of trouble. They can find alternative routes during transportation strikes and suggest nearby accommodation when you're stranded. We work with a huge network of suppliers across the globe to ensure they meet duty of care obligations, including: operating licenses, health and safety standards, and security measures. Travellers can see hotel and venue supplier credentials while booking, so they can make informed decisions about where they stay and meet. It really helps to foster relationships before anything goes wrong. Our partners with suppliers make a huge different when a crisis hits. We're able to coordinate with these contacts to offer targeted support to travellers in need.

  3. Specialised tools and training: Travellers have access to resources like our before you travel page, Brexit hub or specialist tools within our booking tool to inform them on the risks associated with an upcoming trip. This might involve highlighting a countries risk level to lone travellers or could involve us connecting you with specialist service providers like Maiden Voyage, who offer training on safety and security.

On trip: Real-time monitoring and support.

Travel disruption can strike at any moment, so TMCs need to be prepared to monitor and react swiftly. We’ve put the right processes, services and solutions in place in preparation for when things go wrong, but we’ve got the on-trip solutions to actively support as well:

  1. Incident monitoring: We actively monitor incidents like security alerts, accidents, threats and extreme weather that may impact travel arrangements. By being aware of these incidents, we can set the wheels in motion to act and support affected travellers.

  2. Traveller tracking: Our traveller tracking technology provides location information to provide companies with up-to-date details of where their employees are if an incident occurs. Using this information, we’re able to identify affected travellers, provide them with updates, and get them home safely.

  3. Travel notifications: Email and booking tool alerts provide travellers with the latest information on possible incidents that could impact their trip.

  4. 24/7 disruption support: At Agiito, we blend technology with a human touch. Mobile app and desktop booking technology provide online support, while our 24/7/365 UK support team are your ultimate travel sidekick. We’re there whenever you need us, no matter the hour. We do it with three key operational support functions in place:

    • Customer support: Identifying and communicating with affected travellers.

    • Contingency requirements: Coordinating with suppliers to secure emergency accommodation and alternative travel options.

    • Information updates: Keeping everyone informed and liaising with external parties.

Real world experiences.

When the airline Flybe faced a sudden collapse, within 72 hours our 24/7 Out of Hours teams had proactively reached out to, and arranged support or repatriation for all 188 travellers, across 41 customers. Read more about this one in our Flybe case study here.

Looking a little further back in history, but a crisis we'll never forget was the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions in 2010. We sourced rerouted flights (and various other modes of transport), finding accommodation, and providing constant updates throughout.

These are just a couple of the experiences we’ve demonstrated the pivotal role of TMCs during unexpected travel disruptions. We know we’ve always got to stay on our toes to support our customers.

Your trusted travel companion.

In a nutshell, TMCs are your secret weapon in the world of business travel. We offer global reach, local insights, data-driven decisions, and unwavering 24/7 support. With Agiito by your side, you're not just selecting a TMC; you're choosing a partner as dedicated to your journey as you are.


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