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Workspace management

As new ‘Covid-19 secure’ guidelines are introduced to ensure workplaces are operating safely, re-designing and managing your workspace will be a challenge many businesses will face over the coming weeks and months.

We’re experts in managing meetings space. Whether it is the way desks, rooms or car parking spaces are pre-booked, or using technology to support social distancing requirements, we’re on hand to guide you as employees return to the office.

Optimising tech

Having the right technology to support your operation is critical. Our workspace management technology not only provides the ability to book rooms and desk space, but also reports on who has been in this space on a day-by-day basis so if anyone becomes ill it is easy to conduct contact tracing proactively. The system can also be adapted to reflect the changing Government guidelines, such as controlling capacities and restricting or opening-up areas.

Book desk space

Providing full visibility of available desk space, workspace management provides the option to book both individual and multiple date bookings. Pre-booking desk space supports social distancing requirements.

Book internal meeting rooms

Maximising your estate will be essential. For the short-term, internal meeting rooms and huddle areas may be used as extended desk space and current capacities adjusted to reflect social distancing requirements. For the medium-long term, utilising internal meeting rooms to complement virtual meetings will avoid unnecessary costs whilst connecting employees safely.

“Workspace management is a tool that enables you to effectively manage your work space and office environments, from; desk management, through to car parking, helping you maintain compliance and safety of your employees, and being able to easily produce reports of people in/out of your offices.”

Sam Hart

Chief Information Officer

Book car parking spaces

Where car parking is on-site, book a space for an employee or visitor online.


Booking details are stored to support the early identification of who was in a workplace on any given day. Therefore, should an individual become ill, being able to report on those working in close proximity that day will support proactive contact tracing and where required closing of affected areas.

Workplace and visitor management

Government guidelines continue to change and therefore once workspace is uploaded, the system provides the ability to control capacities, add, open and close spaces where required. In addition, full visitor management reporting is available.


We’ve made it simple to work with other areas within the business. By linking Workspace management to any facilities management, catering or IT systems, everyone is working off the same source and teamwork improves.

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