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No more waiting, the future of business travel is here.

Traditional Travel Management Companies (TMC) approach the ways people plan and book travel, meetings and events from inside some really well-worn ruts. We do things differently.

By looking beyond simple cost savings toward total trip value, traveller safety and wellbeing, all while trying to take care of the planet, we take business travel beyond the status quo to make a real difference to the ways people connect.

We bring together UK specialist skills and knowledge in accommodation, air, rail, ground transportation, meetings and venue-find to form our managed travel proposition; giving customers a single approach to travel budgets. So if you're waiting for the future of travel, you've waited long enough.

Plan, book, travel and connect.

The qualities that have been key to success in this contract have been a passion from top to bottom.


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International trips and testing have travelled hand in hand while Covid-19 has been on the scene. Fewer barriers to travel are better for connecting so we're hoping we won't need to offer this service any longer than necessary. But until then, you can count on our testing partners to tick the boxes and give you the documented results for your trip. Your testing solution is here.

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Covid-19 testing.

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Global influence, local experts.

We're part of an international alliance, GlobalStar. It means customers don't need to trade-off between finding a global TMC vs an expert in regional travel management because, through the alliance, we cover all the bases. 

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Offset your travel carbon.

Through some savvy reporting on travel data and simply brilliant partnerships, we calculate the Co2 emissions from each trip, plant trees and offset carbon - it's that simple. Let's reduce your carbon footprint and hit those CSR goals together.​ No more waiting, the future of travel is here.

We're one of the UK's leading rail booking specialists. With our knowledge, relationships and scale in rail, we add value to each journey. 


  • Intuitive online booking tool

  • 90% online adoption levels

  • Rail delay and repay compensation 

  • Flexible eticketing

  • Rail fare checker

  • Automated refunds and exchanges

  • Season ticket schemes

  • Detailed MI reporting

We're good friends with over 260 of the world's leading airlines and our flight knowledge and buying power means all you have to worry about is getting to the airport on-time. 


  • 32% average savings

  • Air delay and repay compensation 

  • Dedicated support team for group travel requirements

  • Air fare checker

  • Fast track security

  • Priority check-in and lounge access

​Whether you’re travelling long distance or just that ‘last mile’, travelling by road can often be the most effective way of travelling when considering service, wellbeing, cost and the environment. We work with the best ground transport partners to keep you moving.


  • Door-to-door taxi, car and coach hire

  • Integrated smart payment solutions

  • Competitive rates 

  • Premium chauffeur service

  • Car parking

Whether you’re looking for budget or boutique, our team can help you find the right accommodation, at the right time, at the right price.  


  • Value added benefits

  • Access to 300,000+ properties

  • Supplier leverage and negotiation

  • Policy control

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