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Accommodation building

Relocation, relocation, relocation.

One of the UK’S largest housing associations tasked us with sourcing alternative accommodation for 109 families at very short notice for a highly sensitive ‘decant project’ from an east London tower block.   


We brought together our ‘A-Team’ of bookers and worked with serviced accommodation partner ‘SilverDoor Apartments’ to source a mixture of two and three bedroomed apartments, as well as short stay hotel accommodation, all within close proximity to the residents’ homes to minimise disruption to their daily lives.

This was a complex task, considering the amount of people involved overall and their individual needs, such as healthcare, mobility and schooling. Likewise, we also needed to accommodate their pets, and managed to arrange short-term stays at a particular Travelodge hotel that agreed to in take their cats, dogs, fish and birds to name just a few.

We worked with the customer’s onsite consultations and within four days we were aware of the individual household’s requirements and took a personal approach to offer a range of suitable accommodation to suit their individual needs. It was important that their transition was as smooth as possible, so all cases were treated with the utmost care  and empathy.

From short stays in hotels, to three month stays in apartments, every household was sourced suitable accommodation across London. 

Recognising the needs to get to school from their new temporary homes, we arranged for CMAC, our ground transportation partner, to provide four seven-seater MPVs to do the twice-daily school run. CMAC also helped residents move out. 


The task was huge due to the sheer volume of moves, the quick turn-around time required, understanding and balancing the individual requirements of different families. Working closely with Agiito, communication was fluid and responsive, everyone in the team knew what was happening in real time and the role they played in making these moves was as smooth as possible.


The open and collaborative approach helped us to pull together and maintain a high level of service at all times. 


Chris Lyon, Head Account Manager

SilverDoor Apartments


The initial ‘decant project’ which took place over twelve days, saw us successfully relocate 109 of the initial 134 families and their pets for a minimum three-month period. Of the remaining families, some arranged to stay with relatives and others were immediately rehoused by our customer.  


To bring this project to completion, our  team has calls in the diary with our customer and SilverDoor Apartments to discuss the next steps. 

Families relocated



12 days

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