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Premium travel customer in car

100% on KPIs

Premium team support availability

Handling personal travel preferences

Seamless offline booking process via a dedicated team

I personally love the Premium Service. I find the team super responsive keeping me up to date and action any requests quickly.

Absolutely no complaints from my side and I hope that we can continue with the service, especially now that travel is picking up and I will no doubt use it more often.

Executive Assistant to Legal & General Group Board


During the COVID pandemic L&Gs Procurement Manager reviewed their business travel contract and realised there was a need for a Premium Service offering for their Executive Board members. Following discussions with Legal & General’s Account Manager, a decision was made to implement our Premium Service – a tailored service for senior level employees, executives, VIP travellers and their seven Executive PA’s.

The objective was to provide this team with a seamless offline booking process via a dedicated team that had the knowledge and experience of managing high profile requirements, sometimes with very little notice.

The PA’s needed to know they would be engaging with a team that would offer them an efficient service with a quick turnaround. Building a rapport between the Executive PA’s and Agiito’s Premium Services team would prove the key success point.

Customer support advisor on hand


From contract award, we set up a scoping meeting with key L&G stakeholders that was the starting point of our journey to provide a highly effective, robust and transparent implementation process. The process was led by an experienced Implementation Manager, who brought together key stakeholders from account management, operational and technology teams, all supported and underpinned by L&G’s Account Manager.

Following the scoping meeting we held bi-weekly meetings to discuss how the Premium Service would be set-up and which bookers and travellers would have access to the new service. We also discussed a communications campaign to make the new users aware of the new service and what they could expect.

Feedback from the pilot user group gave us the opportunity to ensure the Premium Service met their requirements and to take onboard their feedback and fine tune our offering prior to launching the service to the full Executive team.

Working with L&G Category Manager, (and signed off internally by their marketing team) a branded communications document was sent out to the Premium Service booker and traveller community telling them all about what they could expect from the new service and when it would be live.

We also built extensive individual profiles for each of the 15 Executive Board members which held their personal travel preferences such as preferred seating when travelling by rail or air, their favourite hotels in certain destinations, dietary requirements, priority passes, membership numbers, and any other special requirement such as their preferred type of pillow. These preferences would then be passed on to the hotel or travel partner at point of boking and detailed on the
traveller’s confirmation.


he newly launched Premium Service gave L&G peace of mind that the service delivery for their Executive Board is now ring-fenced and aligned to their specific and defined expectations and delivered by a specialist team with a wealth of experience in managing VIP travel requirements.

Available between 8am and 6pm, the team understand that some customers need higher levels of support, security and discretion when dealing with senior level executives and VIP travellers. They are on hand to ensure L&G’s Executive Board members receive the utmost care and attention from the moment of reservation to arrival at their destination.

Our Premium Service has evolved to meet the needs of the customer and provides an enhanced hands-on, high touch service with more complex itineraries.

Relationships have been built with L&G’s Executive bookers which supports the continued evolution of the service and with our team working 100% to the KPIs - the relationship goes from strength to strength.

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