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Agiito host customer round table with the Rail Delivery Group (RDG).

Colleague  in pink shirt laughing with fellow colleague while working

Earlier this month, several customers attended our first round-table event hosted at the Rail Delivery Group HQ in London to talk about all things rail.

Business travel professionals from the likes of Direct Line Group, Sainsburys, Atkins, OVO Energy, Legal and General, Sopra Steria and Royal Mail Group, sat down with Agiito’s Rail Proposition Manager, Agiito’s Account Management team and representatives from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and Black Box Partnerships.

The main purpose of the day was to discuss and understand the customer perception of business rail, and to share insight and ideas to improve customer experience, educate and influence future business rail initiatives.

Through discussions, we found how the hybrid and flexible working patterns have impacted rail use and how rail is performing within travel policy/programmes. The Rail Delivery Group also heard how flexibility, seat maps and corporate rates were features travellers were looking for from the rail industry. Customers loved the opportunity to share their thoughts: “It’s great that our TMC can get us together with associations and suppliers to give our travellers a voice and make a difference to our industry. I really enjoyed the event and the opportunity to meet other travel managers to discuss our challenges in rail and I look forward to seeing what solutions we can come up with and collaborate on,” said Janine Whitehouse, Travel Consultant at Legal and General.

Group picture of attendees at the Agiito Round Table with the Rail Delivery Group

In respect to the rail industry’s Green Travel Pledge - which is being led by RDG - discussions around organisations’ carbon net zero targets were also had. Customers suggested that greater visibility of the benefits for travellers, their carbon usage and emissions data per journey during booking would be a great support.

“It was a great for RDG to hear from everyone in the room and learn more about what we as an industry can do to encourage more rail business travel as well as to showcase positive activity that is already in progress. We’re keen to keep the momentum going by working with agencies like Agiito and their customers, and my team has taken away some actions that will really benefit the overall traveller and booker experience,” said Paul Bowden, Commercial Director, Rail Delivery Group.

“Engagement at this level provides clarity and further rebuilds confidence for business travel and travellers. Both Agiito and Rail Delivery Group have had a long-standing partnership that’s now expanding to include key customers and their ambitions to support the rail industry investment in experience, sustainability, digital, data and aftercare.

Hearing directly and involving both travel management companies and corporates customers at this early stage, allows all stakeholders to be informed, and ready to further invest in their travel (rail) proposition and policy strategy.” said Raj Sachdave Managing Partner, Black Box Partnerships.

This roundtable is just one of the many face-to-face collaborative events Agiito’s Account Management team, who recently scored a world-class net promoter score of 90, have organised to ensure customers are not only getting added value, but the opportunity to collaborate with suppliers and peers whilst shaping Agiito’s future activity.

“By organising events like this we give our customers a voice. Using our intermediary position creates the opportunity for customers and suppliers to collaborate, shape our industry and their programmes. It’s easy to see why our team is achieving the highest customer survey results it’s ever had,” said Leanne Fowler, Director of Account Management at Agiito.

Agiito’s Account Management team also plans to host further workshops with accommodation partners in the coming weeks focused on RFPs and revenues.


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