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Agiito’s sustainability champion shortlisted for industry award.

Dana Moore, Agiito Proposition Manager Sustainability, Air and Ancillary

Thanks to her efforts launching and leading Agiito’s sustainability propositions, Dana Moore, our Proposition Manager Sustainability, Air and Ancillary, has been shortlisted for Sustainability Champion of the Year at the Greengage Sustainability Awards 2024.

Dana, who stands at the forefront of our sustainability movement, has taken influential positions within industry associations to spearhead transformative initiatives and ensure a harmonious and eco-conscious approach.

It was this dedication to implementing environmentally friendly practices and prioritising the wellbeing of people across the sector that earned her the prestigious title of 'Change Champion Leader' at The Business Travel People Awards in 2022.

“The journey of assessing countless entries was both challenging and rewarding, showcasing the breadth of talent and innovative solutions in sustainability. Standing out in such a vast and impressive pool of candidates is no small feat. Dana’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and responsible practices truly shines through her submission,” said Louise Boyce, Commercial and Business Development Director for Greengage Solutions.

“To be shortlisted is a testament to the significant impact and positive change Dana’s initiatives have imparted upon the community and our planet. It's moments like these that inspire others to join the sustainability movement, one step at a time.”

The Greengage Sustainability Awards is committed to celebrating the brightest and most pioneering individuals and organisations in the realm of sustainability. The winners of this and eight other sustainability categories will be announced during a ceremony at the Greengage Insights Conference and Awards on 11 January 2024, at the QEII Conference Centre in London.

Dana was thrilled to be shortlisted for the prestigious Greengage Sustainability Champion of the Year, commenting: “This recognition is a testament to Agiito’s commitment to sustainability and our efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. Being shortlisted for this award is an honour and a reflection of my dedication that extends beyond environmental initiatives and encompasses social responsibility. It is a validation of the sustainable practices and initiatives that have been implemented throughout our customer experience. I will continue prioritisation exploring innovative ways to support both people and the planet.”


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