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Top tips for safer, healthier and more environmental travel.

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When it comes to organisations keeping their people safe on our trips, whether it’s jet-setting across the globe for meetings or just commuting to the office, we’re the experts. We’ve considered the tips, tricks and advice for safer, healthier and more sustainable business travel and meetings.

Hold on though, we’re not just here to throw our weight around, we’re here to provide legitimate, useful advice to improve your travel experience!

We’ve combined our extensive knowledge on the matter with the feedback that we receive from customers to create a guide to a safer, healthier and more eco-friendly travel experience.

So, without further ado, here are our tips on how to be a pro at keeping yourself, your health and environment in tip-top shape while travelling.


We see ourselves as a trusted travel companion, which is seen through many of our disruption management case studies for when things go wrong that you simply can’t anticipate. Check out one of our disruption management case studies. However, here are some safety tips to consider when travelling that you can use…

Crafting great RFPs

Here at Agiito, we’re constantly working with our customers to build their RFP programs and fill them with suppliers that meet our customers’ objectives, safety is often a big talking point in these objectives.

Do your homework

Research your destination, whether that be merely a trip down the road or across the globe. It’s always good to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, so have taxi numbers ready, walking routes planned and be the perfect planner.

If you’re feeling a little unsure on what to consider before travelling abroad for work, then consider our before you travel page. It’s packed full of resources, useful links and pieces of advice on preparing to travel for business.

If you’re travelling internationally, it’s a good idea to check advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on any current security measures that you may need to observe in your arrival country.

Keep people in the loop

Let people know about your plans, share when you’re going, when you’ll be back and where you’ll be. Check in with colleagues, friends, or family of your whereabouts. On the flip side, we also keep our customers in the loop with our on-trip solutions to support them through their journey, through the likes of incident monitoring, traveller tracking, travel notifications and 24/7 support.

Keep an eye out

Always keep an eye on belongings, even if you’re only going somewhere for a mere 60 seconds. Whether you’re on a busy train or sitting in a café, these situations always warrant vigilance, especially in unfamiliar destinations.

Insurance ready?

Have you checked your travel insurance? Check that it covers all your activities, accidents and the possibility of getting back home for medical treatment. It’s worth checking whether your business covers you and if not if additional travel insurance is required for your trip. While we don’t provide insurance to travellers while they’re on the move, it’s important to send a reminder to yourself to ensure you’re covered.

Make digital copies of important documents

Make digital copies of your important documents – passports, drivers licenses, you name it. These can be your golden ticket if panic does arise!


Regular business travel can have an adverse effect on a person’s health, both mentally and physically. In 2019, we conducted an exclusive survey of UK professionals who often travel for business to understand the impact that travel has on their lives. Our survey showed that travelling for business purposes can have a negative effect on the mental health and wellbeing of employees. With this in mind, we’ve provided some tips to help battle these issues that we face in the industry…

Take a break

Regular travel can be tiring, for example, our survey in 2019 revealed that 43% missed a social event due to work travel, putting aside time to recharge batteries or ensuring a healthy work/life balance to reduce work related stress.

Be wary of jet lag

Jet lag isn’t fun! Adjust your sleep schedule and stay hydrated to keep yourself sharp for your business trips. These things can help regulate your body’s internal clock.


What can we do as travellers to reduce our impact on the environment? At Agiito, we provide supplier choice so customers can use a more sustainable supplier. We display CO2 stats while your people are booking, and we work with our customers to encourage their travellers to consider more sustainable modes of transport. For example, where sustainability has been a key objective, we’ve rolled out innovative initiatives like our air to rail and road to rail campaigns, that aim to steer bookers toward rail travel. For further information on the work that we do as a company, visit our responsibility page.

Fly the eco-friendly skies

When booking with us, you’ll be able to compare CO2 emissions for flights. Non-stopping flights can often be more fuel efficient than multiple connections. Check out one of our blogs on airline sustainability initiatives.

Take the train

Trains are the eco-warrior’s choice, they tend to have lower emissions when compared to car and air travel, and they’re perfect for catching up on emails while on the move.

And there you have it, our guide to safer, healthier and eco-friendlier travel. You’re all set!

Interested in hearing more about how we support safety, health and the environment? Get in touch with us.


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