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Virtual tech for meetings and events

The importance of staying connected, sharing key messages and engaging with your people, no matter where they are, has never been greater. So, how do you make sure that connection is impactful? Whether it’s for a meeting or an event, a seamless technology solution is the answer, and that’s where we come in...

As lockdowns and social distancing put the brakes on face-to-face connections, our teams did what they always do when faced with a challenge: they rolled-up their sleeves, put their thinking caps on and got to work. The outcome? Our fantastic meeting and event technology platforms for virtual connections.

Sparked by the value of staying connected, virtual meeting and event solutions have advanced at lightning speed to share key messages, bring people together, and engage with them wherever they are.

Our team of virtual event experts design and build each platform in-house based on your specific requirements and work with you to offer a solution for the complete delegate journey. From planning, delegate registration, pre-event engagement, content and pre-recording, right through to personalised app development, full production and support on the day.

With our virtual technology, you can mix live event capabilities into virtual meetings

seamlessly, just as if it were a live event – bringing the experience to life, as well as boosting real-time interaction and engagement.

Our VirtualPro suite is full of interactive features. As it’s priced per module, you get a completely customised experience rather than ‘one-size-fits-all’.

  • Branded design across all devices

  • Key content and event information in one place

  • Tailored security options

  • Panel sessions and breakouts

  • Video/photo upload and hosted content

  • Personalised agenda and session details

  • Documents and weblinks

  • Speaker/presenter bios

  • Attendee lists

  • Reporting and analytics

Don’t just take our word for it...

"From registration and pre-read sharing, through a bespoke branded app, to dedicated technical AV support before during and after our sessions, to sending treats and learning material parcels to delegates – we managed to regain the excitement and engagement of face-to-face seminars. Thank you Agiito!”

"You listen to our demands, shape our ideas and turn them all into reality for us."

"In a period of crisis and lockdown this virtual team-build was a truly fantastic way to bring our employees together for some lighthearted, competitive fun. The feedback post-event has been truly amazing, I can’t recommend the virtual quiz enough. We will definitely be holding another one during lockdown!"

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